Finding your purpose by helping people online

thoughts Sep 14, 2020

I often think whats the meaning of all of this, is there some?
and I always find that there isn't but that leaves me with nothing, so I don't like that answer, and i keep trying to find something, so here is a thought.

I kinda want to leave a mark in this word, the best way of doing this is by helping people, and this is the best time to do this, now we have platforms to give, but there is a thing what to help.

Help people with what you have, focus on giving the best of yourself
now is the moment you can help as many people as you want or rather as many
as you can reach.

In the end we all going to perish, if you can leave something in somebody, even if they don't know it, i think that is enough, they going to compound that for the rest of existence.

Go make something for somebody. Ā 



Hey hi! My name is Ramiro, this is my blog about artificial intelligence, coding and things that are in my head. Follow me on twitter @ramgendeploy so we can chat!

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